UKIP: How do we control the problem of the Negro?

UKIP Friends and followers, for some time now I have represented and promoted the more right-wing elements within our party and I have been a proud figurehead for the cause. I have always proudly pointed the finger at Negroes and held them accountable for the problems within our party. I say this to you my friends, let us remove the black menace from UKIP and reclaim the party for the White folk.

When Nigel Farage steps down, I intend to challenge the new party leadership and promote my radical and popular UKIP views in a new manifesto. I believe I have what it takes to lead our party and I believe that my views represent what the majority of our Party supporters and members believe.

The common household Negro is a coloured who is used to serving the White man as his loyal and submissive animal (much like a dog or perhaps a sparrow in your garden). Indeed, the happy-go-lucky Negro has no concerns in his life for his principle duty is one of serving and maintaining the White man’s needs or desires.

We can never take the Negro in any formal or political positioning seriously, simply, the Negro is unable to comprehend the White mentality and is therefore an alien to White society. Indeed, the Negro is built strong as a hunter-gatherer and he belongs roaming the plains of Africa with his spear in hand, hunting his food. The Negro is a kind of African plain creature, most of these beings tend to dwell in caves or “mud-huts” in small or isolated places throughout Africa.

The common household Negro
The common household Negro

You may have stood behind a Negro on the tube or in a building, Indeed you will have noticed the musky aroma that is emitted from the typical Negro. I can not fathom why, but It seems that Negroes all smell the same and have a problem with scent. The smell in question is foul, you will know exactly what I’m talking about, but you can always smell a Negro from a short distance away.

Indeed, what the Negro needs is control and Domineering for an unruly Negro without control is an Angry Negro and this is why we see high rates of Negro crime in urban areas. It seems after we did away with slavery, the Negroes became unruly and insane because they lacked authority and authority is what a good Nigger boy needs.

Now indeed, you may call me racist for these views but these views are shared by many millions of people living within the United Kingdom. We either have to enslave Negroes again or repatriate them back to Africa where they belong with their own people. If we opt to enslave them then at least they will have a comfortable form of living but also controlled under the firm hand of the White man.

I believe that already the Negroes within UKIP answer to the authority of the White man and this in itself is progressive. I draw your attention to the race-relationship between Nigel Farage and Winston Mckenzie. You will note how Mckenzie appears excited and appreciative of Nigel’s authority over him. Indeed, when in the presence of Nigel Farage we notice the boy’s face light up with colour and he fully bows to the Mastership and Dominion of Nigel Farage over the Black people.

The White-Negro Race Relation
The White-Negro Race Relation

You will notice by looking at the above photograph how the Negro Mckenzie worships the master he sees within Nigel Farage. This is the kind of race-relation we are promoting within UKIP. We do not hate Negroes because they are black in colour, we hate their unruly and non-white culture which promotes our own so therefore it is necessary to dominate them as their masters.

I find that the Nigger-man responds better to an authoritative tone when you engage with him, you are not his friend nor are you his compatriot but as a White man, you are his master and commander. Controlling a Negro is like controlling the wheel of a car on a busy motorway, you must be fast, wise and authoritative.

I briefly lived in Alaska with my girlfriend for a few months in 2011-2012 and I can tell you that very few nigger-people exist within the region. The very few Negroes that did enter our property and ranch were either shot or removed by force as we simply wouldn’t stand for this kind of Jewry.

Article By:

Alex Wood

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Alex Wood, the Author of this Article.
Alex Wood, the Author of this Article.


UKIP: In defence of Alex Wood

There is a very real and deliberate campaign at hand to defame UKIP Candidates and smear them with lies and slander in order to stop them from gaining office. Our accounts have been hacked, websites have been shut-down and candidates smeared with false or fake photos misrepresenting them.



Cast your mind back to 2013 when our candidate for the Blackmoor Vale division in Somerset, Alex Wood, was pictured in the Daily Mirror in what apparently appeared to be him giving a “Nazi Salute”. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Alex since this incident and have worked with him to clear his name from the criminal smear.

Alex Wood of Milbourne Port in Somerset is a troubled young man who suffers with Aspergers and has a long history of being the victim of bullying or intimidation. I believe that Alex Wood was set up by somebody close to him when the photograph was taken and this was a deliberate attempt at smearing him to finish his campaign for good.

My concern is now for Alex Wood’s welfare as seemingly since this horrid and outrageous slanderous attack against Alex Wood by the Left-Wing took place, his life has fallen to pieces and he’s turned to the bottle.

Wood was and still is a very intelligent young man but recently he defecated publicly in a Tesco Supermarket aisle close to his home in Milborne Port where he was heard and witnessed crying about the attempt to set him up back in 2013.

Alex Wood has lost his home, his job and is now untouchable by every organisation in his local town as they all recognise him as a prolific Neo-Nazi because of the salute incident.

It’s not fair that this young man should have to suffer, suffer because a few Left-Wing activists over at SLATUKIP set him up purposely.

We have to get wise on security, get wise on protecting our party and also we have to stand by candidates like Alex Wood as they are not at fault.

Article by:

Ray John Norfolk








The common household Negro
The common household Negro

UKIP: Do we really need the queer vote?

I’ve been asked to write on the Queer vote due to the fact that many within the party dislike the fact that perverts and queers are standing alongside us. Indeed, we seem to have a “UKIP LGBT” branch or division for some unknown reason which promotes this vile form of sick degeneracy and perversity.

My friends from UKIP Norfolk already know my views on this but for my readers, I can categorically say that I am 100% against the pervert queer vote or indeed any form of Queer renegade supporting our UKIP. The fact is this, UKIP is not a party for homosexual degeneracy, we promote White Christian values and align ourselves to the principles of mother nature and her law.

This is how we used to deal with the Queer problem in days of old.
This is how we used to deal with the Queer problem in days of old.

Homosexuality is a perverts game, a game for the mentally ill and the deranged, we feel that this has no place within our party or immediate support base.

I met a few fanatical queers at the last UKIP conference and told them exactly what I thought about them being present at our conference. Indeed, a few of us tried to stop them from entering but the PC contingent within the party allowed their presence on the basis of “Equality”. The vast majority of people within UKIP want the rancid queer issue dealt with immediately, we want the culprits brought to justice and we want them gone from our party for good!

UKIP is a Party for the British People, Queers, Paedophiles and other forms of sexual degenerate are not British, they are Anti-British!

Britain for British! !

Queers make up a small minority of mentally ill and depraved people living in Britain, we do not need to worry about their vote nor should we care about their wrong and sick, evil plight.

Britain for British!

Article by:

Ray John Norfolk


Vote for Labour, Get a Negro Neighbour but if you vote UKIP then we’ll boot it

If you vote for Labour then you can be sure to get a Negro Neighbour but if you Vote for UKIP then we’ll boot it. Our points based system will stop blacks and their diseased folk from entering the United Kingdom and infesting these lands with bile and bacteria.

The majority of British people dislike the Negro but yet we can respect it for it’s uses within the industry of service or pleasing it’s master. Though long gone are the days of slavery, the common household Negro has lost it’s worth and place in society and now we find these animals roaming the council estates of our vast cities and raping White Women with their “Nigga Rap” and Negro culture.

The Negro is no longer the good boy, he’s a bad boy and he’s clogging up our Britain.


A few years ago when my daughter cathy was at school, she brought a Negro back and told me that this animal was to be her boyfriend. If she’d have brought back a dog or another form of creature then I would of had equal dismay and shock at the barbaric situation brought before my eyes. I managed to stop this inter-racial relationship and saw that Cathy was punished for her choice in racial-partner. Frankly, her choice was outrageously unacceptable and Anti-British.

The question is this, what can we as a party do to solve the black problem in Britain?

The answer is simple, send him back to Africa!

Britain for British! Vote UKIP!

Article by:

Ray John Norfolk


The common household Negro
The common household Negro

UKIP Will save Britain and give British people their identity back

“Britain for British” – a simple yet honest statement, a statement of intent for many of our party members. UKIP only wants Britain for the British and what is wrong with this I ask?

Suzanne Evans, A true British Woman and supporter of Rights for Whites
Suzanne Evans, A true British Woman and supporter of Rights for Whites

I had the pleasure of meeting Suzanne Evans for the first time last week and I put exactly the same question to her, What is wrong with Britain for British? Her response: “Nothing Ray, Britain belongs to the British”. This is why I’m a member of UKIP and this is why UKIP is the only party that can restore the British identity.

The British Identity is the White Anglo-Saxon identity, an identity that has been robbed from us, raped from us and stolen by non-white immigrants who plague our lands with their malignant disease of benefit claiming and problem causing.

We as the White British are being pushed from our native and rightful homelands, we are being denied a voice and collectively our people are suffering from the famine of Mass Non-White immigration which we know as White Genocide,


Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians but White countries for Everybody? No! That’s GeNOcide!!

Nigel proposes that we need a “points based immigration system”, I feel that I speak for the party when I say that this is not enough. Don’t get me wrong, Nigel is a great leader and he has built our party up well but I feel Paul Nuttall who actually addresses the issue of Cultural Marxism would be a much better leader.

Norfolk UKIP knows my feelings on these matters but perhaps it’s just natural progression, Nigel is building the party and his work is commendable but we need a stronger leader who will deal with the question of race.

Now, I know that my last article about the issue of race caused a lot of controversy but I’m not one of these politically correct types who cares about what people think. Indeed, my use of the word “Negro” was entirely justified and I will continue to call the Black Negro, “Negro” without any form of internal party sponsors because Negroes are NEGROES.

The common household Negro
The common household Negro

I’m a bit of an old geezer now but I remember the days of referring to Negroes as being Negroes back in the 50s and 60s when I was a young man. The Negro has been the White man’s best friend for a number of years, indeed he is a pleasing character who likes to serve and obey the command of his master. We shouldn’t attempt to discriminate against Negroes and refer to them as “black” because we are stereotyping them on the basis of their BLACK skin colour and this is both Racist and Stalinist.

That’s this rant over for today folks.

In other news, I’ll be running my weekly UKIP stool at the Heydon Village Tea Shop next week and invite you all to attend. I enjoyed our last meeting and was glad to see that many people are considering voting for UKIP in this area.

Thanks for reading.

Article by:

Ray John Norfolk


UKIP: Is it time to talk about the issue of race within our party?

I am hearing more and more activists demand racial policy is instilled into UKIP’s manifesto because we seem to be collectively forgetting about our White racial origins. Nigel’s idea of UKIP as a multicultural party is progressive but not the entire solution we need to the issue of race.


I’m going to be blunt and say that I don’t like sharing UKIP with Negroes who seem to command a lot of attention because of the colour of their black skin. My readers have always known me as a controversial writer but I feel that many of us within the party also feel the same way in regards to the Negro problem.

I get the idea that if we present ourselves as a multicultural party, we will attract more support and win over the black vote but ultimately we are betraying our racial origins and the white voice is not being heard within the Party.

I think we have to get real and make it clear that the Negro man is not a White man, he does not have a place in the White man’s land and nor should we give him sympathy because of his black skin colour. Negroes are an interesting form of creature to say the least, a strongly built type of animal that belongs roaming the plains of Africa as opposed to the halls of Westminster.

I spoke to Paul Nuttall on this very issue last week and he seemed to agree with me but suggests that we slowly introduce such policies if it ever were to happen. Neil Hamilton is a little bit less easy about the idea of racial policy within UKIP but I think he’ll come to sense and support my ideas with time.

A Black menace

England is an Anglo-Saxon country, a White country and we must never lose sight of this one key fact. As UKippers we must defend the right to be white, we must champion white rights and above all, we must push the Negro back to his homeland of Africa.

Article by:

Ray John Norfolk


Labour’s Racist-Hate department

I was recently sent an email by a gentleman living in Hackney by the name of David McSlat who has drawn my attention to a number of racist billboards and propaganda which is reportedly being used in Diane Abbott’s election campaign. LabourPoster

The billboard pictured above has been reportedly placed in several areas throughout the borough of Hackney where Diane Abbott intends to stand for re-election. I am to understands that the area covering Hackney has a high negro populous but this billboard is clearly racist and Anti-White in nature.

By the very virtue of the fact that Ms Abbott feels the need to draw attention to race, she is therefore being racist but moreover we have the fact that this plea for support clearly does not want the support of White people.

The billboard mentions that eternal word of “diversity” to which we know to mean multiculturalism, something that UKIP takes a firm stance against.

I have forwarded this image to Paul Nuttall as I feel that this is an issue we as a party have to confront because clearly this is racism.

Diane Abbott


This is the original poster, which I’m told is available for download on the Labour Party’s main campaign website. UKIP has many Negroes within our party and we respect the Negro culture and heritage but we do not attempt to use them on the basis of their black skin as clearly the Labour party is doing.

Negroes have always played a popular role within British society, especially in the industry of service and vassalage to British people. The typical Negro doesn’t present a threat in the same way as perhaps one may find a muslim brings, in fact the Negro people are relatively tame however they are clearly an unfortunate victim of Labour’s race-hate department.

Diane Abbott’s election propaganda is both racist to Negroes and Whites alike and it is imperative that our two races unite to combat this form of race-hate. There is a place within UKIP for the Negro worker and we respect his kin and ideology but we do not view him as a superior to ourselves.

A champion of the Negro people within UKIP is Winston Mckenzie who perhaps can be seen as a kind of “Dr Martin Luther King Jr” in Britain. Indeed, Mckenzie is passionate for equal rights and takes an aggressive position against all forms of race-hate such as the tactics employed by fellow Negro, Diane Abbott.

Our Negro Champion, Winston Mckenzie


Negroes are really a charming people and are entirely harmless to approach, indeed the stigma that Negroes receive is really quite unnecessary.

Article by:

Ray John Norfolk

Britons WOULD vote to QUIT EU, reveals expert new survey

BRITAIN would vote to leave the EU if an in/out referendum was held today, a major new survey has found.Published: 

According to survey Britons willing to vote to leave EU
Some 46.6 per cent would vote “out” while just 34.3 per cent would vote “in”, with 19.1 per cent undecided. Among those likely to vote, the gap was starker, with 48.8 per cent opting to leave, compared to 34.7 per cent wanting to stay and 16.5 per cent undecided. The Survation poll was commissioned by The Freedom Association. Director Rory Broomfield said: “This survey shows that the increasing demands for Britain to pay more money to the EU has resulted in a resurgence in Euroscepticism within Britain. “The British people are clearly fed up with picking up bills for EU institutions that remain unaccountable to them and do not act in their best interests.”
This survey shows that the increasing demands for Britain to pay more money to the EU has resulted in a resurgence in Euroscepticism within Britain Rory Broomfield
The survey also found that turnout ina referendum could be as high as 90.1per cent, outstripping the 84.5 percent in September’s Scottish vote. Unsurprisingly, Ukip supporters are most likely to vote, with 71.7 percent saying they would “definitely” turn out. Tory supporters would also descend on polling stations in droves, with just0.6 per cent saying they would not vote.

The poll also reveals that while 65 percent of those who voted Tory in 2010 want to leave the EU, a majority of Labour voters – 44.8 per cent compared to 42.4 per cent – also want to see the UK cut ties with Brussels. The research will make grim reading for Labour leader Ed Miliband, who has refused to support David Cameron’s plan for an in/out referendum in 2017.

The findings will put further pressure on Labour to give people a say on theUK’s relationship with Europe for the first time since the 1975 referendum. Veteran Labour backbencher AustinMitchell urged Mr Miliband to change his mind.

The Great Grimsby MP said: “The poll doesn’t surprise me. Fewer and fewer people want to be associated with what Europe is turning into. It’s different to what the leadership is saying but it reflects, at least to my mind, that Labour must offer a referendum.” A Labour spokesman reaffirmed Mr Miliband would only back a referendum if there is a “future transfer of powers”.

Ukip MEP Mike Hookem said: “This poll is more evidence that Labour voters now back Ukip. “Between now and the election, watch this support for Ukip grow as Labour voters abandon their old party.”
Despite the survey, the Lib Dems said they would continue to back the UK’s membership of the EU.

New Spanish law on charging copyright to Google has opposite effect – Google withdraws services

Google ceases news service instead of paying papers

Spanish charges on Google backfires

 11/12/2014 – 06:24:06Back to Business Home

Google has said it will shut down its Google News service in Spain to prevent publishers’ content from appearing on it, ahead of a new law requiring the internet search company to pay Spanish news organisations for linked content or snippets of news. The move marks the first time globally that Google will shutter Google News and comes ahead of a new Spanish intellectual property law going into effect on January 1 nicknamed the Google Tax. The company’s news product for Spain will stop linking content from Spanish publishers and close on December 16, Google said in a statement.

The law did not specify how much publishers would have to be paid by Google. Spain’s AEDE group of news publishers lobbied for the law and Google said publishers would be forced to charge the company “for showing even the smallest snippets of their content – whether they want to charge or not”. “As Google News shows no ads and makes no revenue, this approach is simply unsustainable,” Google said.Google News has long rankled newspaper publishers and other content providers who contend the service tramples on copyrights by creating a digital kiosk of headlines and story snippets gathered from other websites.

Most venting has been limited to criticism likening Google to a freeloader, but there have been attempts to force the company to change its ways through courts. Google maintains it obeys all copyright laws while sending more people to websites highlighted in its news services. The company also allows publishers to prevent material from being displayed in Google News, an option few websites choose because the service is an important traffic source to sell ads.

After Germany revised copyright laws last year in a way that could have required Google News to make royalty payments, Google required publishers to give consent for summarising content and most did. Europe’s highest court this year ruled that people have a right to scrub unflattering or outdated information from Google’s search engine. That case started in Spain. The move also means that the publishers’ content will vanish around the world.

The company said it will block reports from Spanish publishers from its more than 70 Google News international editions in addition to the Spain shutdown. That means people in Latin America, where Spanish news organisations are trying to boost audiences, will not see that news via Google News. The AEDE association, which represents large news publishers, declined to comment on Google’s decision.