UKIP: In defence of Alex Wood

There is a very real and deliberate campaign at hand to defame UKIP Candidates and smear them with lies and slander in order to stop them from gaining office. Our accounts have been hacked, websites have been shut-down and candidates smeared with false or fake photos misrepresenting them.



Cast your mind back to 2013 when our candidate for the Blackmoor Vale division in Somerset, Alex Wood, was pictured in the Daily Mirror in what apparently appeared to be him giving a “Nazi Salute”. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Alex since this incident and have worked with him to clear his name from the criminal smear.

Alex Wood of Milbourne Port in Somerset is a troubled young man who suffers with Aspergers and has a long history of being the victim of bullying or intimidation. I believe that Alex Wood was set up by somebody close to him when the photograph was taken and this was a deliberate attempt at smearing him to finish his campaign for good.

My concern is now for Alex Wood’s welfare as seemingly since this horrid and outrageous slanderous attack against Alex Wood by the Left-Wing took place, his life has fallen to pieces and he’s turned to the bottle.

Wood was and still is a very intelligent young man but recently he defecated publicly in a Tesco Supermarket aisle close to his home in Milborne Port where he was heard and witnessed crying about the attempt to set him up back in 2013.

Alex Wood has lost his home, his job and is now untouchable by every organisation in his local town as they all recognise him as a prolific Neo-Nazi because of the salute incident.

It’s not fair that this young man should have to suffer, suffer because a few Left-Wing activists over at SLATUKIP set him up purposely.

We have to get wise on security, get wise on protecting our party and also we have to stand by candidates like Alex Wood as they are not at fault.

Article by:

Ray John Norfolk








The common household Negro
The common household Negro

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