Vote for Labour, Get a Negro Neighbour but if you vote UKIP then we’ll boot it

If you vote for Labour then you can be sure to get a Negro Neighbour but if you Vote for UKIP then we’ll boot it. Our points based system will stop blacks and their diseased folk from entering the United Kingdom and infesting these lands with bile and bacteria.

The majority of British people dislike the Negro but yet we can respect it for it’s uses within the industry of service or pleasing it’s master. Though long gone are the days of slavery, the common household Negro has lost it’s worth and place in society and now we find these animals roaming the council estates of our vast cities and raping White Women with their “Nigga Rap” and Negro culture.

The Negro is no longer the good boy, he’s a bad boy and he’s clogging up our Britain.


A few years ago when my daughter cathy was at school, she brought a Negro back and told me that this animal was to be her boyfriend. If she’d have brought back a dog or another form of creature then I would of had equal dismay and shock at the barbaric situation brought before my eyes. I managed to stop this inter-racial relationship and saw that Cathy was punished for her choice in racial-partner. Frankly, her choice was outrageously unacceptable and Anti-British.

The question is this, what can we as a party do to solve the black problem in Britain?

The answer is simple, send him back to Africa!

Britain for British! Vote UKIP!

Article by:

Ray John Norfolk


The common household Negro
The common household Negro

8 thoughts on “Vote for Labour, Get a Negro Neighbour but if you vote UKIP then we’ll boot it

  1. Where have you got the statistic that The majority of British people dislike the Negro? I would be greatly interested in seeing these statistics, because from an outsiders view these look like baseless facts.


    1. You are a filthy, vile, repulsive human being. People like YOU are the reason why I will NEVER vote for UKIP. Luckily your generation will die off and we will be left with my generation, the majority of which are accepting and understanding of all races, sexualities and such like ‘minorities’.


  2. Nice to see that UKIP is operatingunder the popish bull to hate all black people. YOu are supposed to be playing the role of the Protestant dim wits, that who Tru Brits are..


    1. BTW Henry 8th didnt hate black folks check out John Blanke and others who he employed ( not kept as slaves !) but as workers AFTER he told the pope to naff off. YOU TRAITORS


  3. Is this satire? I can’t read it as anything else. I certainly can’t take it seriously. It sounds like it was written in the 1830s by someone with basic literacy skills. Perhaps that’s where the author belongs? He doesn’t seem to like the 21st century very much.


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