UKIP: Do we really need the queer vote?

I’ve been asked to write on the Queer vote due to the fact that many within the party dislike the fact that perverts and queers are standing alongside us. Indeed, we seem to have a “UKIP LGBT” branch or division for some unknown reason which promotes this vile form of sick degeneracy and perversity.

My friends from UKIP Norfolk already know my views on this but for my readers, I can categorically say that I am 100% against the pervert queer vote or indeed any form of Queer renegade supporting our UKIP. The fact is this, UKIP is not a party for homosexual degeneracy, we promote White Christian values and align ourselves to the principles of mother nature and her law.

This is how we used to deal with the Queer problem in days of old.
This is how we used to deal with the Queer problem in days of old.

Homosexuality is a perverts game, a game for the mentally ill and the deranged, we feel that this has no place within our party or immediate support base.

I met a few fanatical queers at the last UKIP conference and told them exactly what I thought about them being present at our conference. Indeed, a few of us tried to stop them from entering but the PC contingent within the party allowed their presence on the basis of “Equality”. The vast majority of people within UKIP want the rancid queer issue dealt with immediately, we want the culprits brought to justice and we want them gone from our party for good!

UKIP is a Party for the British People, Queers, Paedophiles and other forms of sexual degenerate are not British, they are Anti-British!

Britain for British! !

Queers make up a small minority of mentally ill and depraved people living in Britain, we do not need to worry about their vote nor should we care about their wrong and sick, evil plight.

Britain for British!

Article by:

Ray John Norfolk


27 thoughts on “UKIP: Do we really need the queer vote?

  1. Im sorry, you believe being homosexual is a form of mental illness? I think the gross incompetency really shows in your article, you are so afraid of people who are different to you you see them as sick and twisted. It is people like you that cause such a negative view on Britian, people so afraid of change that they will fight tooth and nail to show others that they are disgusting when if you only looked inside and did some self reflection you would see that it is yourself who has a sick and twisted view of the world.

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  2. At this point I’m just assuming you are trolling yourself in some post modern ironic sense. Between this post and the one on race you sound like a 1950s fear mongering, racist, McCarthyist. “The black queer commies are coming to get us!” Please, save me the self serving racist amd homophobic crap.

    I honestly thought your race piece couldn’t be beaten when you wrote about the “negro problem” with policy suggestions straight from the BNP and NF along the lines of deportation.

    Nonetheless, thank you for exposing the true values of UKIP, not just in your writing but through the comments left by your supporters. I’ll be sure to share this around.

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  3. White Christian country? Wasn’t your object of worship a Jew (not white), and from the middle east? Brought to our shores by those foreign Romans? Mother nature and her law? Damn these animals that show homosexual type behaviour, Bison, Brown bear, Brown rat, Cavy, Caribou, Cat, Cattle, Chimpanzee, Common dolphin, and many more. All obviously perverts. I’m not gay by the way.

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  4. Is this for real…or one of those hysterical pranks? If it’s real you just shot yourself in your homophobic foot. Perfect. This outs UKIP as the party it really is. Racists homophobes. You know it is psychological fact that homophobes are closet gays who are tortured with self hatred..interesting huh?

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  5. HAHAHAHAHA……Thank you sir….for portraying your so-called “white christian values” as a really poor argument, almost against your very own “christian principles” of love and forgiveness. I assume here, after reading your article, that you haven’t even read the bible, otherwise you would have never written this nonsensical dribble which basically portrays you sir, as a deluded, uneducated, homophobic (please read the article about internalized homosexuality expressed as homophobia) and racist clown. YOU are not the representation of Britain, in fact, i’m pretty sure that your outpouring of hate qualifies as a mental illness all by itself. So you might want to think twice before letting Farage privatise the NHS, because by the looks of things, you will need help with your condition, very soon.

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  6. I think your party’s environmental policies clearly show that it does not support “Mother Nature”. Also I think your Christian fundamentalist attitude may be better suited to the Bible Belt in America. Christianity died a long time ago in Britiain, and whilst respect people’s choices to practice it along with any other religion, such bigoted teachings are no longer representative of modern British values.

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  7. Thank you for this article. Please keep telling everyone that UKIP is a bunch of ignorant, racist, homophobic, misogynistic bigots. The fewer people who vote for your cretinous party, the better.


  8. UKIP follows white Christian values? and you have the popish iconography which in itself is paganism to the core. Jesus was not white, He came as the Seed of Abraham the bible tells us, as for queerdom you show that you dont believe in Christ and His New system which He established. Hebrews 10:9 , you are still under the law of Moses where there is homophobia and NO SALVATION. “For with the Law of Moses shall NO MAN be saved or Justified! You have no fears I dont think any queer voter esp the christian queer voter would waste their time on UKIP as they are going no where even with popish support…


  9. This article is sick and homophobic, it makes my blood boil, who does this Christianity warped person think it is to call gay people deranged and anti British, this article needs to be deleted and the person responsible, who ever it is, needs to be punished.


  10. ‘UKIP is a Party for the British People, Queers, Paedophiles and other forms of sexual degenerate…..’ …..hmmmmmm….. so, essentially no different to the other parties then – except possibly also grammatically illiterate 🙂

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  11. So as a serving member of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces who happens to be gay and has served a long career including tours in Afghanistan and Iraq, in your eyes I’m not British, I’m rancid and a pervert?

    Yeah OK, keep spouting your hatred, you help to turn people away from UKIP 🙂

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  12. I think this article is disgusting and the believes are very uneducated. And you should be a shamed of yourself to even call yourself Britsh!, the article is nothing but radical homophobia and racism, this clearly shows that the UKIP party are no better than the German Nazi party of 1933 till 1945. your believes are dark aged and not part of modern Britsh Values.


  13. This is why your party won’t get into power. You think that because gays are a minority that you can say and do what you want. But what you don’t relise is that they have friends, family, coworkers that all support them. So not only will you not be getting the “queer” vote but you won’t be getting a vote from everyone they know. Just because your ignorant and little minded doesn’t mean the rest of the world is. I could go on to debate why your stupid but it’s too much effort. Just know you have lost thousands of votes by your ignorant article, consistent hate and negativity . Not that you would of got in to power any way.


  14. Religion destroys everything. Religion is the purest of evil. I would like to eradicate religion from society to save future generations from the hatred and bigotry of today. It must NOT be taught in schools to brainwash children into believing in fairy tales. I am a proud gay man and have a wonderful life without the restraints and shackles of religion. Religion is dying, look at the latest statistics of the people in the UK who actually follow some form of religion… no-one cares. If you believe in God, I’m sorry, but you must be stupid.


  15. I know I had something to say but I’ve been howling with laughter over the absurdity of this article that I completely forgot my point.


  16. I find it kinda ironic that you bring up that you don’t want a “perverts” vote when you have a self professed Veteran Porn Star who goes out and begs women for sex in your policy. This party is full of contradictions.


  17. This has got to be a joke?! If it’s true, then this person does not belong in the modern world – send him to North Korea!


  18. Its people like you that meant that until very recently Same Sex Marriages were illegal within the UK, I see the UK as being a very forward thinking and modern society, but by what you have said you have flung it way back to the Dark Ages, UKIP will not and never will be in power of this great land, I assure you that! You discust me as a Gay Man myself I find this article not only disturbing but Homophobic which I do believe that homophobia is now a crime punishable by court.


  19. You really are a joke. I am a gay man and a member of UKIP. I shall still remain a member and vote for it at the GE as all its leading members (and my local parliamentary candidate) are a good deal more credible and intelligent than you are.


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