UKIP Will save Britain and give British people their identity back

“Britain for British” – a simple yet honest statement, a statement of intent for many of our party members. UKIP only wants Britain for the British and what is wrong with this I ask?

Suzanne Evans, A true British Woman and supporter of Rights for Whites
Suzanne Evans, A true British Woman and supporter of Rights for Whites

I had the pleasure of meeting Suzanne Evans for the first time last week and I put exactly the same question to her, What is wrong with Britain for British? Her response: “Nothing Ray, Britain belongs to the British”. This is why I’m a member of UKIP and this is why UKIP is the only party that can restore the British identity.

The British Identity is the White Anglo-Saxon identity, an identity that has been robbed from us, raped from us and stolen by non-white immigrants who plague our lands with their malignant disease of benefit claiming and problem causing.

We as the White British are being pushed from our native and rightful homelands, we are being denied a voice and collectively our people are suffering from the famine of Mass Non-White immigration which we know as White Genocide,


Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians but White countries for Everybody? No! That’s GeNOcide!!

Nigel proposes that we need a “points based immigration system”, I feel that I speak for the party when I say that this is not enough. Don’t get me wrong, Nigel is a great leader and he has built our party up well but I feel Paul Nuttall who actually addresses the issue of Cultural Marxism would be a much better leader.

Norfolk UKIP knows my feelings on these matters but perhaps it’s just natural progression, Nigel is building the party and his work is commendable but we need a stronger leader who will deal with the question of race.

Now, I know that my last article about the issue of race caused a lot of controversy but I’m not one of these politically correct types who cares about what people think. Indeed, my use of the word “Negro” was entirely justified and I will continue to call the Black Negro, “Negro” without any form of internal party sponsors because Negroes are NEGROES.

The common household Negro
The common household Negro

I’m a bit of an old geezer now but I remember the days of referring to Negroes as being Negroes back in the 50s and 60s when I was a young man. The Negro has been the White man’s best friend for a number of years, indeed he is a pleasing character who likes to serve and obey the command of his master. We shouldn’t attempt to discriminate against Negroes and refer to them as “black” because we are stereotyping them on the basis of their BLACK skin colour and this is both Racist and Stalinist.

That’s this rant over for today folks.

In other news, I’ll be running my weekly UKIP stool at the Heydon Village Tea Shop next week and invite you all to attend. I enjoyed our last meeting and was glad to see that many people are considering voting for UKIP in this area.

Thanks for reading.

Article by:

Ray John Norfolk


3 thoughts on “UKIP Will save Britain and give British people their identity back

  1. A bit of history for you, old chap. The Angles and Saxons your so fond of came from what is now Denmark and Germany. So, while they may have been white, they were most definitely not British. So, using your own logic, all Anglo Saxons should pootle off back to Denmark and Germany. Pip-pip! Cheerio!


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