Labour’s Racist-Hate department

I was recently sent an email by a gentleman living in Hackney by the name of David McSlat who has drawn my attention to a number of racist billboards and propaganda which is reportedly being used in Diane Abbott’s election campaign. LabourPoster

The billboard pictured above has been reportedly placed in several areas throughout the borough of Hackney where Diane Abbott intends to stand for re-election. I am to understands that the area covering Hackney has a high negro populous but this billboard is clearly racist and Anti-White in nature.

By the very virtue of the fact that Ms Abbott feels the need to draw attention to race, she is therefore being racist but moreover we have the fact that this plea for support clearly does not want the support of White people.

The billboard mentions that eternal word of “diversity” to which we know to mean multiculturalism, something that UKIP takes a firm stance against.

I have forwarded this image to Paul Nuttall as I feel that this is an issue we as a party have to confront because clearly this is racism.

Diane Abbott


This is the original poster, which I’m told is available for download on the Labour Party’s main campaign website. UKIP has many Negroes within our party and we respect the Negro culture and heritage but we do not attempt to use them on the basis of their black skin as clearly the Labour party is doing.

Negroes have always played a popular role within British society, especially in the industry of service and vassalage to British people. The typical Negro doesn’t present a threat in the same way as perhaps one may find a muslim brings, in fact the Negro people are relatively tame however they are clearly an unfortunate victim of Labour’s race-hate department.

Diane Abbott’s election propaganda is both racist to Negroes and Whites alike and it is imperative that our two races unite to combat this form of race-hate. There is a place within UKIP for the Negro worker and we respect his kin and ideology but we do not view him as a superior to ourselves.

A champion of the Negro people within UKIP is Winston Mckenzie who perhaps can be seen as a kind of “Dr Martin Luther King Jr” in Britain. Indeed, Mckenzie is passionate for equal rights and takes an aggressive position against all forms of race-hate such as the tactics employed by fellow Negro, Diane Abbott.

Our Negro Champion, Winston Mckenzie


Negroes are really a charming people and are entirely harmless to approach, indeed the stigma that Negroes receive is really quite unnecessary.

Article by:

Ray John Norfolk

5 thoughts on “Labour’s Racist-Hate department

  1. It’s very strange that, although there claim to be several of these posters, only this one is ever pictured. I know you won’t publish this comment, but I will prove to you that this is not real and does not exist and if you do not remove this blog when you are aware that it is false then you will be reported to your Party and to the Police as knowingly spreading libelous material. Here is a picture of the above billboard with the original and real poster on it. You will note that all of the shadows are exactly the same – and furthermore, you can see the shadows of telephone lines stretching from outside the billboard, right across it. On the fabricated Diane Abbott one, you will note that the shadows of the phone lines have disappeared. This is a fake picture and you are spreading lies. Please remove it. I have taken a screenshot of the comment awaiting moderation so please don’t claim in the future to have not received it.


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